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RatVenture: The City Below the Sands

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RatVenture: The City Below the Sands

RatVenture: The City Below the Sands is an analogue tabletop boardgame, under the dungeon crawler genre. Thematically it is set in H.P. Lovecraft (and later writers) Cthulhu Mythos with a slight twist. Rather than humans being the main characters, they've been substituted with rodents of various kinds.

All character art was created by Kersha Knight (https://www.artstation.com/kem...), however everything else was created by myself or sourced and cited under the correct Creative Commons Free Use license.

If you would like to play the game, review it, or anything else that springs to mind, please let me know so I can boost you on relevany platforms and vice versa.

Images can be seen here on the website: https://christopher-harding.jo...

All files have been saved as png or jpg, in addition to each subfolder housing a PSD containing each file as a layer. There is both a PDF and docx copy of the rulebook and quick setup guide included. Please enjoy, and don't hesitate to offer critique and criticisms.

Link to Game Files: https://xanethlyon.itch.io/rat...

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