This is a project that I was a part of for the Global Game Jam 2020 at my university. The theme for that year was "repair" so we decided to go for a cutesy art style about a man (Wilson), repairing and restoring a tropical island. I was creating the particle effects, the menu/UI, the narrative, as well as some general design and puzzle ideation.


Lady-bird, Lady-bird

In 2019 I participated in my first ever Global Game Jam, and had an absolute blast with it. I was unable to get into a group so worked on it solo. My experience with art, modelling, and programming is rather limited, but I managed to get something put together. You can download and play this short, uplifting game here: 


Paper Cut

This is the trailer for a game that myself and a team made during out Collaborative Game Design module at University. We had 9 weeks (broken up into two 9 hour sessions a week) to create a game based on the concept that the 3rd years came up with. I was tied Lead Design for the project as a 2nd year, and also wrote the narrative/story for it. I performed many tasks and used multiple new software such as JIRA, Trello, Source Tree, and UE4.


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