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Monsters of Murka: Restaurants and Retail

Restaurants and Retail is the first full-scale expansion for the United States pop-culture parody campaign setting: Monsters Of Murka (a gold best-seller on DriveThruRPG). Designed for 5e DnD, Restaurants and Retail includes new subclasses for every class, over 20 horrifying monsters, over a hundred weapons, spells, and magic items, and a host of tools to enhance play. Murka was once a kingdom of great promise. In its earliest years, it quickly became a melting pot of myriad creatures, creeds, and connections, though it was not without its fair share of missteps. In recent years, many citizens of Murka have turned to adventuring in the hopes of finding a mythical artifact: The Murkan Dream. But now, these brave citizen-adventurers must face Murka’s oldest and most powerful foe: Late-stage Capitalism. Restaurants and Retail gives you the tools, resources, and materials to explore new locations like Flavor City and Walmoria; to collect new items like the Flavor Glaive, candied weapons, and the cake-cutting knife that turns anything it cuts into cake; and to fight new monsters like Killer Tofu Cubes, Flavor Dragons, and the dreaded Taste Beast.

Nordic Ancestry Part 1: Runes & Symbols

This document presents Nordic symbols and the Elder Futhark runes used by clans and countries from both the Viking Age (793-1066 AD), and Icelandic inspiration or uses of Viking paganism, such as the popular Vegvisir symbol, in an accessible and yet concise way without going into extreme depth. Note, that while they are based on real-world symbols and runes (Elder Futhark), some of the wording will change to be more accurately integrated into a Dungeons and Dragons adventure or campaign. For example, a lot of symbols refer directly to “men” meaning humans, but in your setting there will most likely be more than just humans in which case “mortals” shall be used in place.

Corsairs of The Pneumean Expanse

Adventure Overview The adventurers wake up in a locked room, soaked and dirty, covered with seaweed. The stagnant air around them reeks of saltwater. They discover that their boat was capsized but luckily they were rescued by a returning raiding party of gith and their allies. The harbour town they find themselves in rests on the back of a giant dragon turtle that they have allied with. They use this massive creature as a base of operations to hunt down servants of illithids and the foul slavers themselves that hide in coves and subterranean ocean hideouts.

Hermit Crab Player Race

This product was a simple fun idea that turned into something real. The idea of playing as a humanoid crab was inspired some by popular media, some by others wacky ideas, and in part out of curiosity. In the future there is potential for subraces and other species focusing on other crustaceans, creating a whole Pagurid ecosystem. I hope you enjoy playing as crabs, involving them in your adventures as NPC's, plot hooks, or even making your own monster stats! Have fun, and may the dice gods bless your rolls.

Wisdom Under Fire: An Australian Charity Adventure

Fire is a powerful, frightening and all consuming creature. The Australian bush’s evolution is in part from a patchwork quilt of burning, either by accident or intentionally through “Firestick Farming” by The First People of this land. Species have adapted to evade, endure, or even benefit from small and low intensity fires. In recent years, 2019 -2020 especially, the dry time has been longer, the fires wider spread and the damage beyond belief. Our wildlife has been struck hard by habitat loss.

Nightmares Made Flesh

In this supplement you will be exploring the dark and twisted paths that necromancers embark upon when creating their legions of Abominations. You shall be reading through the "official" manual on how to construct your fleshy minion. However, not everything is as vile and insidious as at first it may seem. Of course, some will construct a snake with bear arms and tentacles, but a few just want a big fuzzy cat-pig to keep them company. When it comes to creating your Abomination, consider your relationship with it, and exactly why you are making it.

The Covetous Serpent

This is a synopsis of the main story beats and encounters that the party will face during their time exploring the picturesque land of Gjallmar. They will traverse various landscapes, from frigid fjords and spring-time woodlands, to a long dead fortress and a cave heaving with toxic air and treasures. The party will fight creatures such as Duergar, Ogres, and Grimlock through the mountain bastion, the fetid cave before finally facing off against the merciless Fáfnir.

Animal Magnetism Spell

One story tells of a lonely druid seeking a companion of the non animal kind. They rode into town and spoke to an entertainer on how to meet someone. The bard, amused by this, referred to a term called "animal magnetism" that some people just possess to attract a partner. The bard explained the meaning in a crude way, but the druid was not deterred. Try as they might, the druid had no luck so enlisted the help of a wizard to craft a spell that would help. The wizard warned that magic can be a fickle thing and if the mind wanders while casting, unpredictable results may occur. And occur they did. Instead of attracting a partner, the spell quite literally turned the druid into a temporary magnet for small creatures. Needless to say, the walk through town draw the gaze of many, with pigeons and rats alike flocking to them in great numbers.

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