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Here are some examples of album reviews I have written during my time at Distorted Sound Magazine.

ALBUM REVIEW: Welcome - Dun Ringill

Swedish doomsters DUN RINGILL, featuring members of THE ORDER OF ISRAFEL, are poised to release their debut album, Welcome. Some of the themes and music stylings are rather interesting and out of the ordinary, featuring carnival effects and sounds. On top of that, they have the talent of Per Wiberg of CANDLEMASS as a guest. This album on a whole pushes closer to stoner and sludge than it does doom, but definitely incorporates those elements throughout.

EP REVIEW: Split - Windhand/Satan's Satyrs

The split EP featuring WINDHAND and SATAN’S SATYRS, includes two infectiously droning doom songs by WINDHAND, clocking in at just over 20 minutes of fuzzy dissonance, while also including some fast paced, hard hitting metal, with a splash of punk for good measure. Both hailing from Virginia, the two have come together to create this fantastic album, under the watchful gaze and mixing expertise of Garret Morris.

ALBUM REVIEW: Sentinels - Desert Storm

Coming out with their fourth album Sentinels, DESERT STORM have brought their A-game once again, for a cracking and head-bob worthy album. Sentinels is a great follow up from the critically acclaimed Omniscient album release of 2014. Starting off strong with heavy riffage, Journey’s End really sets the tone. The song flows into an instrumental section focused on the guitar and bass, before dipping its toes into the deep basslines halfway through the song.

ALBUM REVIEW: Hugsjá - Ivar Bjørnson & Einar Selvik

Ivar Bjørnson of ENSLAVED and Einar Selvik from WARDRUNA have paired up once again, after their last successful experimental album A Piece for Mind & Mirror, featuring the beautiful Skuggsjá, to form this poetic and stunning album, Hugsjá. They bring with them their collected experiences and talents, crafting this masterpiece that sends the listener hurtling through time to a much simpler age of ritualistic anthems and chants.

ALBUM REVIEW: Fiannaíocht - Celtachor

CELTACHOR‘s third full length album, Fiannaíocht, is a concept album based around the younger years of a mythological Irish hero, Finn of the Fianna. There have been changes in the line-up, as well as some new skills acquired by the members, such as the new bassist, Robert Macdomhnail, who also plays the Irish harp. Their aim for the album is to use their passion for music to show the world their view of Irish Mythology.

ALBUM REVIEW: End Times - Ommadon

OMMADON are back, with their sixth full length album (and tenth release), End Times. Their devotion to their art is incredible, bringing an album with just two songs in it, lasting a whopping 20 minutes each! Both tracks are ominous and oppressive, relentlessly droning on with a sense of impending doom. For those new to this band it can be quite a trudge to get invested in, with extremely long tracks making a barrier for new blood.

ALBUM REVIEW: Tribe of Suns - Archelon

Progressive post-sludge metal outfit ARCHELON, are poised to release their latest album, Tribe of Suns, on May 4th. While they have had many line-up changes over the course of their career, they’ve remained strong, pumping out powerful riffs and mixing in some really enjoyable progression throughout. Starting off the album with Man is an Artifact, ARCHELON show that they have range and aren’t afraid to open with something a little out of the ordinary.

ALBUM REVIEW: Hellhound - Monument

From Renegades to their most recent release, Hellhound, MONUMENT have been triumphant in bringing forth a classical sound, borne during the NWOBHM era of metal. With a strong resurgence of this genre as of late, MONUMENT have taken the mantle of this relighting of the flame. Featuring nine tracks of electrifying guitar melodies, thundering drums and of course, that unmistakable British heavy metal screams, as made famous by the likes of Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson.

ALBUM REVIEW: Free Me From The Sun - Mist

Returning in 2018, five years after their debut demo, MIST are here again with their new album Free Me Of The Sun. The priestesses of doom, now recognised around the globe with their unique dark harmonies and powerful vocals, are releasing their first full-length album on June 1st. With the combination of their lyrical prowess, touching on themes of nature, spells, and death, you can tell that they are inspired by the occult and deeply rooted in it.

ALBUM REVIEW: Come & Chutney - Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters

This British psychedelic power trio, CHUBBY THUNDEROUS BAD KUSH MASTERS, presents their new release Come & Chutney, due for release on July 13th, and featuring guest appearances by the likes of Chantal Brown of VODUN and Gary Harking from TEN FOOT WIZARD. Their tongue-in-cheek lyricism and track titles says it all about their sound and attitude. This album is drenched in interesting lyrics and down-tuned sludgy, fuzzy riffs, with a splash of delirium to taste.

ALBUM REVIEW: Astrological Passages - Weed Demon

Since their inception, these Ohio born doom-riffing, sludge-flinging, sonic conjurers WEED DEMON have been making waves with their first release, Stoned to Death. Since letting their fans have a sneak peek at Astrological Passages, the title track of their first full length album, fans of doom have had their interests piqued. WEED DEMON have garnered praise for the incredible chunky and slow riffs, laced with some for the most unearthly, guttural vocals in their repertoire.

EP REVIEW: Revenge - Taken By The Tide

This UK born progressive metal outfit TAKEN BY THE TIDE, made their debut on the scene in 2010. In the time that has passed, they have come on leaps and bounds since their first release, There Is No Such Thing As An Atheist In A Foxhole, arriving currently with their brand new EP, Revenge. The quintet has been making waves in the djent scene within the UK, with their progressive and hardcore elements leaving them with comparisons to the likes of MESHUGGAH and SYLOSIS.

ALBUM REVIEW: Bukkraken - Carcharodon

Italian sludge and power doom trio CARCHARODON have been slinging out filthy riffs for over a decade, but now in 2018 they are releasing their third full-length album Bukkraken. As can be expected from a sludge group, dirty and fuzzy riffs, slow and impending sound out in every track, with harsh vocals to accompany. Opening track Bile Dealer immediately sets the tone for Bukkraken, slow and rhythmic when it needs to be, but as fast as a thrashing shark for the rest of the time.
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